Blockchain basics

Among the various interacting technologies giving rise to the digital transformation scenario that has changed and continues to change the world we live in, blockchain occupies a prominent role. Born as closely related to the economic/financial sphere, over the years the fields in which it has been applied have multiplied, establishing itself as a disruptive technology in certain sectors.

The “Blockchain basics” course provides an introduction and initial insight into blockchain technology, suitable for both those who have never heard of it and those who already know what it is.

We go over the history of this technology, also giving a social, political and economic context of the historical period in which it took hold, with the birth of Bitcoin.

Next, we delve into the various technical aspects that make blockchain particularly interesting and promising, again using a conversational approach that is understandable even by those without a technical/computer science background.

Finally, once we understand how blockchain works, we present a roundup of use cases we have selected involving different sectors: from healthcare to supply chain, via IoT and more.


No special prior knowledge is required. The goal of the course is to be usable by anyone, whatever their background.
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    After taking the “Blockchain basics” course, you will have a sufficient level of knowledge to understand what the strengths and weaknesses of blockchain are, when it makes sense to decide to implement a blockchain-based solution and when it is better to use other solutions. You will learn about the theoretical foundations of this technology and get an idea of the possible fields of application through real, concrete examples.
  • History of blockchain
  • Social, political and economic background
  • Fundamentals of blockchain
  • Pros and cons of using blockchain
  • Use cases in various fields (healhtcare, supply chain, digital identity, IoT, Smart City, Gaming)
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